ASAP Guiding Principles

The following project management principles will be utilized to assure participation and timely decision making:

  • Decision due dates will be established to keep the project on time and budget. If these due dates are not met, the delayed decision will immediately be escalated and made by senior management.
  • Project participants will manage project and personal calendars to allow full and active participation.
  • Processes and business requirements will be re-engineered to leverage the capability of the available software environments. Customizations that are not required by regulation or legislation will require senior management approval.
  • Emphasis will be placed on improving¬† business efficiency and productivity by automating business processes wherever feasible
  • Business intelligence technologies will be leveraged to improve access to and use of information in support of decision making.
  • Information will be considered a strategic asset that is:

a) maintained as a single authoritative source;
b) electronically captured once at its point of origin, and
c) appropriately shared across the entire institution.

  • Appropriate resources will be identified to successfully complete the project while sustaining current operations.
  • The University will continue to learn from its past and future experiences in order to move forward, including but not limited to the effective use of communication, backfill, testing, and training.