A Message to the Rutgers Community

October 25, 2013


Members of the Rutgers Community:

Rutgers is embarking upon a project to assess and potentially replace our current finance and human resource/payroll systems with a new integrated solution that will serve the entire enterprise.  We have chosen Moran Technology Consulting (MTC) to assist us in the first phase of this project which seeks to prepare Rutgers for this change by documenting our business change inhibitors and gathering the system capabilities that any new software solution will require to meet our needs.

Currently, Rutgers primarily utilizes Oracle’s e-Business Suite to support its financial and human resources functions while RBHS utilizes Ellucian’s Banner product.  Both products interface with many other home-grown legacy mainframe and vendor products to help us deliver services.  As the two units are combined into integrated systems, this project will take an objective view in understanding how we conduct business today.  We will examine what works, what doesn’t work, and how we want to conduct business in the future.  This will be done in the context of a “best practices” model developed by looking at the different units and practices at other leading institutions.  These practices will encompass a full spectrum of functions, such as research administration and procure-to-pay, and not be limited into organizational silos.

We believe that having active participation from all communities is critical to ensuring that this project and the resulting recommendations are valuable to Rutgers. To ensure the ultimate success of this effort through broad university-wide participation, we have established a governance structure and strong leadership for this project. Visit The Team section of this website to learn more.

The second main committee at the center of this governance structure will be a Fit/Gap Working Team, comprised of key representatives and decision makers from University financial and human resource services stakeholder groups.  This group will serve as the working group and sounding board for project plans, approaches, and deliverables.

Many other representatives from across the university will be asked to participate in workshops and interviews throughout the project, and we will conduct a university-wide survey during this phase of the project to gather input on system capabilities.  If you are invited to participate at any time during the project, we ask that you please give this project your full attention to ensure its ultimate success.

J. Michael Gower
Senior Vice President for Finance

Bruce C. Fehn
Senior Vice President for Administration