Fit/GAP Working Team

Comprised of key representatives and decision makers from University financial and human resource services stakeholders, this group will serve as the working body and sounding board for project plans, approaches, and deliverables. 

Peter Bennett, Admin and Public Safety, 732-932-2552,

Betsy Cafiero, Finance, 848-445-8356,

Kimberley Cole, RBS, 973-353-1983,

Frank Colford, Finance, 732-235-9101,

Jen Eliopoulos, Procurement, 848-932-2927,

Sharon Fortin-Kramer, EJB, 848-932-2734,

Theresa Fronckowiak, Chancellor's Office, 856-225-6644,

Terri Kinzy, Research, 732-235-5450,

Carolyn Knight-Cole, UHR, 848-932-3890,

Ellen Law, OIT, 848-445-5064,

Alice Lustig, RWJ School of Medicine, 732-235-5377,

Rich Novak, Cont Studies and Distance Ed, 848-932-0613,

David Roe, NJMS, 973-972-1412,

Rachele Sylvan, SEBS, 848-932-3792,

Sheila Thimba, SAS,